Annual ticket – the year-round gift for yourself or others


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For the animal and nature lover who would like to experience the change of seasons in the Hochwildschutzpark, in the animal enclosures, on the water, in the forest or the open spaces, the annual ticket is the right choice. Or how about a gift for relatives, friends and acquaintances – a gift that will be remembered for a whole year.

The ticket holder has 12 months – 365 days – free entry for as many park visits as he likes.

+ 10% discount on all products in the Wildparkshop! (except pet food and special offers)
+ 10% discount on a personal booking “Animal keeper for 1 day
+ 10% discount on a personal booking “Falconer for 1 day”.
+ 10% discount on consumption at the Seekiosk

Because there’s nothing better than spending your time out in nature.

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