Falconer for 1 Day


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Falconer for 1 day

2017 Rudi Götzmann

The flight demonstration has made you want more?

With a very personal experience – face to face with our birds of prey – you can make that come true!

The agenda

At the welcome the animals and the enclosures are presented. Then it starts already…

The own glove is handed over and the falconer knot is learned as one of the most important basics!

The weighing of the birds and cleaning the aviaries is of course also part of it.

With a bird of prey on the glove we take a walk through the park, the so-called manning as an essential part of falconry training.

With flight exercises of a bird of prey, where he lands on your own glove, the eventful day reaches its peak.

As a reminder, there is of course a certificate of participation in “falconer for a day” and your own glove!

You can book this unforgettable experience for 129, – € ! What do you have to do?

Just download the registration form or collect a form at the reception and fill it out.

Falconer for a day can be experienced live from the age of 10!