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Since a few weeks a group of blackbucks is living in the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück. Their new home is between the raccoons and the highland cattle. Blackbucks used to be a widespread and common antelope species in India. However, because of their beauty, they were strongly hunted. These days, however, populations are no longer considered endangered.

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Polarwolfnachwuchs 2019

It’s time again … with the arctic wolves there is offspring!
There are two puppies, or more? From the wolf viewing platform you have a great overview and with a little luck you can catch a glimpse of the puppies.
And in about two weeks we will know exactly how many there are. Then when the puppies do their first bigger rounds.

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Badespaß der Zwergotter

The young Asian small-clowed otters Noah and Nixe enjoy the warm spring days in the Hochwildschutzpark for extensive romping around in the fun pool.
Asian small-clowed otters are very social and have a great play instinct. Above all, the animals are day and dawn-active and live exclusively on the shores of waters.

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Weißer Damhirsch

Recently, a white buck has moved into the fallow deer enclosure. At the pronounced blade formation in the antlers it is immediately clearly identified as fallow deer.

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neues Erdmännchengehege - Seeblick mit Panoramafenster

“Mungo Tom” makes giant leaps out of sheer joy and everyone is happy with the great panorama windows … The construction site is inspected and the rocks as a vantage point

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Nachwuchs 2018- 3 Zicklein

The park has 8 new residents …
Still a bit shaky on their feet, the goat kids present themselves to the visitors with their caring mothers …

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