Falconry in the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück

… a matter of the heart

Public flight training sessions with our birds of prey are currently cancelled until further notice!

Dear visitors,

we are currently not able to perform the public training sessions with our birds of prey.

In the course of new developement and motivation in our wildlife reserve the „Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück“, many projects are being implemented; such as the renweal of paths and trails, the creation of the „Waldbistro“ with a new menu, the integration of special culinary offers such as the picnic basket and the realization of a new play area. At the beginning of our to-do-list stands also the construction of a new, larger falconry; scheduled to be built next year. Until the move to the new falconry is possible, our birds of prey will be kept in the backstage area of ​​the park, where they will be working on a new flight program with our falconer Vanessa. Of course updates concerning the construction progress will be found here as usual.

Animal godfather for 1 year

Become godfather of a bird of prey or an owl!

We offer sponsorships for all our birds of prey and owls. The contribution is based on the respective feed costs of the bird. The duration of the sponsorship is 1 year. It starts at 35 € for a laughing kookaburra up to 240 € for a golden eagle.

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Black-chested buzzard-eagle

© 2017 Melanie Hahn

Spectacled owl

© 2018 Rudi Götzmann

Striated caracara

© 2017 Martina Goletz

Laughing kookaburra
Lachender Hans

© 2017 Melanie Hahn

Lanner falcon

© 2016 Rudi Götzmann

Red kite

© 2017 Martina Goletz

Western barn owl

© 2017 Melanie Hahn

Snowy owl

© 2018 Rudi Götzmann

Sibirischer Uhu
Sibirischer Uhu

© 2017 Rudi Götzmann

Tawny owl

© 2017 Martina Goletz

Harris’s hawk

© 2018 Rudi Götzmann